Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Trust In God and Keep Yer Powder Dry Quote O' The Day

"In the US, power resides with “we, the people” and is leased ever more sparingly up through town, county, state, and federal government. In Britain and Canada, power resides with the Crown and is graciously devolved down in limited doses. To a North Country Yankee it’s self-evident that, when a burglar breaks into your home, you should have the right to shoot him - indeed, not just the right, but the responsibility, as a free-born citizen, to uphold the integrity of your property. But in Britain and most other parts of the Western world, the state reserves that right to itself, even though at the time the ne’er-do-well shows up in your bedroom you're on the scene and Constable Plod isn’t: He’s some miles distant, asleep in his bed, and with his answering machine on referring you to central dispatch God knows where." ~Mark Steyn

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Gorges Smythe said...

Ah yes--the blessings of socialism! It's all so utopian! But, have you ever noticed that utopian societies usually last about one hundred years at the most?