Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ten Buck Fridays Starts Friday

Over at Left Coast Rebel they're getting serious about November 2010. You can consider Lady Cincinnatus in.

Although, I'd recommend that Ten Buck Fridays continue after the election. Every Friday, post election, donate $10 to your favorite conservative think tank (every state has one), buy a favorite right-leaning author's book, see if there's a conservative speaker near your home giving a lecture, buy a product from a conservative, family-owned business, if you donate to a college or university make the donation to a conservative professor's program, not the university in general. Or, hey, I know! Give to your favorite blogger site!!! Heh.

Sure, candidates need money, but a person put into a corrupt system more than likely will become corrupt too. There's no better way to effect systematic change than through the network of center-right, conservative think tanks... think Reason Foundation, Heritage Foundation, Institute for Justice, SPN, Acton Institute, etc... They are all over the place. You can even chose one that will fight for a specific issue like SIOA or ACT for America. Or give $10 to your church if you are blessed to attend one that is conservative.

I'll post my candidate recommendations for Ten Buck Friday candidates with my reasons along the side of my site beginning Friday.


TickedMD said...

Glad you're on board! If you want your readers to participate in the poll, I can send you the code... RK

RightKlik said...

Thanks for supporting the idea!

Mamasooz said...

Thank you for supporting Ten Buck Fridays! It really can make a difference and I'm excited to see it spread across this great nation of ours!

Anonymous said...

Please nominate Patricia Sullivan, Conservative Republican, for Congress in the 8th Congressional District, Fl.for Ten Buck Fridays. The seat is currently held by Alan Grayson. Patricia, being the only Republican to qualify for the ballot by petition and a real peoples grass roots candidate is the one to beat him. To do so she needs all the financial support your contacts can muster in order to make her message heard. Can you help??

Thank You,