Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mr. Obama's Neighborhood

By Proof

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I miss Fred Rogers. His evident kindness and gentleness were a quiet reassurance to his audience that everything was going to be okay. There was always some small object lesson whenever the little trolley took us to the Land of Make Believe. Today, I think the heir apparent to Mr. Rogers is...Barack Obama!

Mr. Obama has constructed quite a neighborhood of make believe, taking credit for military actions he either opposed or sought to defund, claiming to have cut spending while increasing our deficit spending by trillions of dollars, obstructing oil exploration and production on federally controlled land while claiming credit for increased oil production that was beyond his control, avoiding our allies while funding their enemies, helping to overthrow other allies with little clue as to what or who would replace them... The list goes on and on.

I thought of this comparison when I thought back to the phony, Styrofoam Greek columns of the 2008 Democrat convention. It reminded me, just a little bit, of the crenelated towers of King Friday's castle, and every bit as substantive. Also, Mr. Obama's Imaginary Gravitas world tour in 2008, where he famously went to 10 Downing Street, not to visit the English Prime Minister in his home, but to merely stand in front of his house and make a speech! Appearance is everything, don'tcha know?

The trolley would need to be renamed "Folly", as only folly would take you to revisit Mr. Obama's Land of Make Believe. Mr. Obama attempts to reassure us with that gentle voice, as he changes into his "comfortable shoes" (the ones he said he would use to march with striking union members. Hm. Must have misplaced those shoes somewhere in Chicago!), and pull on his sweater, which we all need now, since Obama bankrupted the coal industry and raised the cost of energy to heat our homes this winter!

All our old favorites would be there. Bill Clinton as "Mr. McFeely". (No. Seriously!) Either Michelle or Hillary could do Lady Elaine Fairchilde. Debbie Wasserman Schultz could do Harriet Elizabeth Cow. Joe Biden as Prince Tuesday, and, in a bit of casting genius, Eric Holder as Malcolm X the Owl.

In Obama's Neighborhood of Make Believe, Mr. Obama is a fiscally responsible, bold and decisive leader, who will lead us into a world that loves us, unlike the one that cowboy Bush was responsible for. Just ignore the demonstrations where they burn Obama in effigy, throw shoes at his picture and invade American embassies with impunity. More importantly (to him) Mr. Obama also stands to do battle with the Republicans in their War on Women, bolstered by such stalwart defenders of womenhood such as Teddy Kennedy and Bill Clinton...if he can ever drag himself away from the golf course!

Oh, and the lesson that can be learned today in our little trip to Mr. Obama's Neighborhood of Make Believe?

We'd better vote for Mitt Romney this November!

I'm Fred Rogers, and I approve this message!*

*If you believe that, you may be so far into the land of make believe, that there is no return!

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