Saturday, September 15, 2007

Unofficial Lady FrogFan Site for the Dissident Frogman

Dedicated to all the Lady FrogFans

Top 10 reasons you might want to choose the Dissident Frogman as your champion…

10-He’s your favorite Frenchman right behind Lafayette, and you believe America should erect a statue to his honor.

9~ “ And there will be music and women and we will have fun. No darn retarded mullah or ayatollah is going to take me away from that, mark my word.” ~ D. Frogman 12/31/2002

8-“I just love interminable sentences. Periods are for Sissies.” ~D. Frogman

7~”Oh, and no balls-molding camo shorts either.” D. Frogman 9/2006

6-“ Sure, I could probably kill it with a shovel…” ~ D. Frogman 8/9/2007

5- And, he can cook… “I decided to fix myself a large marmite of Chili. 1 Kg of mincemeat (beef and pork. First because the pig is a cool and smart animal, next because eating pork in Europe these days is quite a political statement, and an act of resistance)” ~D. Frogman

4~ He missed the “cheese-eating-surrender-monkey” memo. ~Uncle Jimbo, Blackfive

3~ Give me one insensitive shameless bastard Frenchman over an eternity of servile midgets any day. “And you don’t even have to die a martyr!” ~D. Frogman

2- Che-Mickey T is cooler than Cameron Diaz sporting Maoist Communist bag.

And #1 reason a Lady FrogFan might want to choose the Dissident Frogman as her champion…“Mine's longer and will go deeper.” ~D. Frogman 8/24/2007
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