Thursday, February 28, 2008

Can it be that easy to thwart the Saudi oil barrons...why yes it can

I say we donate to companys like GM or any small businesses like Coskata who are researching methods to make gas out of garbage. When we can all make gas out of our garbage the Saudis cash cow will go dry. But heaven forbid we should help our U.S. companies and inventive entrepreneurs, they are just evil corporate monsters. Oh, and yeah the car is silver, not painted, it is silver.

"Immediately after GM showed two E85-powered concepts, the Saab 9-4X and Hummer HX, their big news was the corporation's partnership with Coskata, a company that claims it can produce a gallon of ethanol for a dollar. The Coskata process uses 1/4 the water of current production methods, and can use many types of waste as the "feedstock" for the process. The company claims that it can use household garbage and even used tires to brew ethanol. With current methods of ethanol production driving up the cost of food products linked to corn (everything from tortillas to milk to beef), this new process could provide a valuable solution that will make ethanol-powered vehicles more viable in the coming years."

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