Thursday, March 27, 2008

I will not submit!



WARNING!!!! Horrible to watch, but the truth of evil is never pretty.


Mike aka Proof said...

Gutsy move! It's a very powerful and moving piece of work. The mournful Asa's Death from Grieg's Peer Gynt Suite is very effectively used.

And, inspired by the likes of you and Rob Port and the Frogman, I've decided to see if I can start my own blog. And if I can ever figure out how to put a blogroll in one, I'd like to link to your blog.

The fledgling effort is at
It's certainly not much to look at now, but I have high hopes! Hope you'll stop by sometime! -proof

Lady Cincinnatus said...

Proof, That is awesome about your blog! Hey, I think the more like minded freedom lovers can link up the better. I can't boast of having many readers but consider your fledgling effort linked here.

Mike aka Proof said...

Much obliged!