Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Celebrating the Heterosexual White Male

I was listening Michael Savage (he can get a bit too New York/New Jersey at times, but he makes some good points) and they had a discussion on who would be admitted sooner to Yale or Harvard or Princeton; B. Hussein Obama or the caller's daughter. Mr. Savage said to the caller, "as long as it isn't you, a heterosexual white male. You'd have no chance what-so-ever." I'm paraphrasing of course. But it prompted me to begin a new post, Celebrating the Heterosexual White Male.

I begin with the creator of 007. Ian Fleming. Heterosexual White Male Writer who created one of the best loved heterosexual white male heroes. I'll take my martini shaken, not stirred, and a little dirty...that's with extra olive juice...and raise a toast to this heterosexual white male. And I'll leave you with this Mark Steyn quote on Bond,

And Mr. Winder, demonstrating the peculiar snobberies of the minor public schoolboy (if you'll forgive a touch more snobbery), allows his obsessions to lead him astray - as in his assertion that these tales of Brit derring-do were viewed in America as "comedies of self-delusion." Oh, really? So it's not the babes and the gadgets and the car chases that caught the American eye? Just the huge market for post-imperial "comedies of self-delusion." Who knew? Poor old Winder. A genial gentleman-publisher of the patrician left, he seems to have missed the central feature of Bond's character: his cool.

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