Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The religion of peace making peace in Egypt

I guess it depends on what your definition of peace is and I guess the new definition for peace involves the words, "strife", "increasing violence", "street fighting", and "pitched battle between Muslimes (Freudian misspelling but I'm keeping it) and Coptic Monks".

Egypt Faces Rising Risk of Lebanon-Like Muslim-Christian Strife

By Daniel
Williams July 16 (Bloomberg)
Increasing violence between Egypt's Muslims and Coptic Christians is raising alarms that the sectarian hostility besetting Lebanon and Iraq may take root in the Middle East's most populous country.

Egypt's reputation for a live-and-let-live ethos is under assault following recent murders of Copts in Cairo, street fighting in cities including Alexandria and a pitched battle between Muslims and Coptic monks at an ancient desert monastery.

'The divisions are deepening,'' Hala Mustafa, editor of the political journal Democracy Review, said in a telephone interview. ``There's a growing Islamization of Egypt..'

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