Friday, August 22, 2008

I See Dead Babies

Obamessiah's Dead Baby Gate versus McCain's House Gate

Thank you Proof for letting me steal you very aptly coined termed "Dead Baby Gate"...your loyal fans expect nothing less than a very aptly coined term. Heh.

B. Hussein's groupies, the Main Stream Media, are working overtime to make McCain's House Gate the number one "Gate" of the 2008 election but I don't see it trumping The Obamessiah's Dead Baby Gate.

I'm sure people believe The Great and Wonderful Ob when he says he doesn't want to see babies die, but by voting no or present in the case of the Born Alive Infant Protection Act he doesn't have to. He has nurses like Jill Stanek and Christ Hospital (Oh, the irony) do it. No one enjoys watching babies slowly die after surviving a botched abortion, some just find themselves in that position thanks to legislators who allow it with their votes.

It must be nice being able to wield great power over people but never having to live in the real world where your actions might have dirty and ugly real life consequences.

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