Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Unsettling? Coincidence? Alliteration gone horribly wrong?


Vinod_Sharma said...

OBAMA and BIDEN vs OSAMA bin LADEN. Is it really a useless coincidence? Or is it something more, something that may have profound consequences? What did James Redfield say in the Celestine Prophesy?

Intrigued? Read my post.

Diogenes said...

OMG! You folks figured out "The Code"! Yes, indeed: Barack Obama and Joe Biden are actually Muslims from Mars, planted here on Earth to start not a Muslim revolution, but a Martian Muslim revolution. They're scheduled to take over the United States, then (with the help of NAFTA) the North American continent, and then, finally, with the Trilateral Commission, the United Nations.

P.S. Their code names are "Pinky and the Brain"

Lady Cincinnatus said...

So it wasn't alliteration gone wrong? Darn, I thought for sure it was.