Thursday, August 14, 2008

This really is not good. Seriously.

Ohio, being ground zero in 2004 and expected to be ground zero again in 2008, pulled out a win for W despite Democrat's best efforts in handing Kerry a win. However, disillusioned red Ohioans stayed home in 2006 and gave buckeye's their very own Democratic Governor Ted Strickland. This was meant to send a message to the Party that elected officials like Taft, Voinovich, Dewine and Bob Ney were getting too comfy in their state house offices and Republican voters would expect more.

But, now, it looks like the fall-out from Republican buckeyes walking away from their responsibilities might have worldly consequences if a Democrat Secretary of State hands B. Hussein Obama a win in Ohio this year. From Gateway Pundit today. Not good.

Look out for the zombies! Democrats in Ohio have passed a law that assures a
win for Obama this year!The AP reported:

Democratic Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner on Wednesday issued a directive advising county elections boards that they must have procedures in place to allow voters who register to be immediately issued an absentee ballot. She said boards can delay voting if they have concerns over the validity of a registration.Brunner said absentee ballots are verified once they are cast and counted after polls close Election
Day...."The prospect of someone coming in with no ID and registering and voting
is contrary to every sort of protection that legislators and lawmakers have built into this system for decades," said Kevin DeWine, a Republican lawmaker who is poised to take over the state party after the election. "The processes and the law and the systems in our 88 counties are not equipped to handle same-day registration."

Nice work, democrats! And, you thought bogus laws like this were only in place in tinpot dictatorships like Zimbabwe and Venezuela!

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