Monday, September 22, 2008

A Call To Action

Okay lady conservatives out there. It's time to buy some Palin Power Pink lipstick and wear it, send it to the do nothing congress, pass it out to liberal friends just to annoy them, give as Christmas gift to unsuspecting Obama voting family members. They even use the term "entrepreneur" in their press release! It looks like Cronan-Maddox is getting added to the list of Patriot businesses to support.

"Cronan-Maddox has added Palin “Power Pink” lipstick to the Alchemy of Colour product line in honor of the Governor of Alaska and will donate $1 of each sale to the McCain-Palin campaign. The color, which Cronan-Maddox describes as a 'bold, saturated pink with a touch of glimmer” is similar to the hue Palin has worn during recent public appearances.“This powerful shade of pink celebrates the many faces of women as girlfriends, wives, mothers, entrepreneurs, corporate executives and even vice presidents,” says Cronan-Maddox. “Now women can wear the same lipstick as this maverick mom and support her at the same time.'"

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