Monday, September 29, 2008

Canada's Health "Authority"

Ahhh. Healthcare utopia and socialized medicine. Can't wait until B. Hussein Obama and the Dems bring it to the U.S.

"He died of an infection. Robert Sinclair told CBC News he can't understand how his cousin could sit in the hospital for such a long time without being noticed. "He's my blood," Robert Sinclair said. "I don't like to see any of my blood relatives die for no reason and I believe that.… It was for no reason. The guy sat there for 34 hours..."

"Brian Sinclair, a 45-year-old...Bradley Sinclair, a brother, said he has also waited in the emergency room for long periods while seeking care. "I waited, waited, waited with people that were there. They waited long times to see a doctor. That's what happens there," Bradley Sinclair said...Brian Sinclair could have been saved by a catheter change and a course of antibiotics."

Quoted from CBC News

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