Tuesday, September 23, 2008

You've Been Warned, Part Deux

I recently purchased a home and the guy I bought the house from seems to think he can forward all the liberal B.S. he receives to me, in an effort to change my conservative soul. It's all for nought, but these occassional emails do prove useful. Like the following:

Greetings pushDC Members! Remember to go to http://www.pushdc.com to vote.

Summary of results from last week’s ballot!

Do you think the groundwork is being laid for Biden to step down from the race to allow Obama to put Hillary Clinton on the ticket?

The majority of members voted – Yes

If that were to happen, do you believe Hillary's nomination would shake up the race to the degree that the Sarah Palin's nomination did on the Republican side?

The majority of members voted – Yes

And then there is this:

Control of both the House & Senate are obvious significant factors in this election cycle. Should your Presidential selection be driven or influenced by who you subsequently believe should control the House and Senate as well?

The majority of members voted – Yes

Since the '06 elections, has the Democratic controlled Congress, both House and Senate, performed better for the American electorate than did the Republicans the preceding four years?

The majority of members voted – No

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