Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm Not Looking for the Obamassiah to "Rule" the Presidency of the United States

Must read from Mark Steyn. And of course, Mark nails it.

The Republican candidate’s tragedy in this election is that he’s chosen to fight on Obama turf, to share so many of his assumptions. At a McCain rally in Wisconsin, a fellow in the crowd announced he was mad as hell and got a standing ovation. What was he mad about? Obama, Pelosi, and “the socialists taking over our country.” McCain listened politely and then pledged to get back to Washington to reach across the aisle to work on some gargantuan bipartisan cure-all. Not the answer that chap wanted to hear, I’ll wager.

If the more frightening polls are correct, America is about to elect the most left-wing
government in history: an Obama Oval Office, a Pelosi House of Representatives, a filibuster-proof Senate and a year or two down the road maybe three new Supreme Court justices. It would be a transformational Administration that would start building (in Michelle Obama’s words) “the world as it should be.” That big empty hole in the heart of the Obama logo will not stay blank for long.

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