Friday, October 31, 2008

SCARY Quote O' The Day

"Obama’s choice of Rahm Emmanuel is his final hammer strike against steel-loud self-revelation of character and intent. It is the last and most bitter irony in a string of ironies that have come to define the Barack Hussein Obama Campaign for President, for once again it is a clarion demonstration that Obama, whose campaign is both expressly and implicitly based on the notion of his superiority of character and morality, is actually amongst the filthiest and most evil of creatures to be able to call himself an American. Barack Hussein Obama is not an American, as he has spent his entire adult life proving that he is nothing more than an enemy of the United States of America. And so now he has hired a person actually skilled at waging war on America, and has the blood on his hands to prove it." ~Pat Dollard

Picture by my favorite Halloween photographer, Simon Marsden

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