Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Let's Get it Right, Gets It Right

"McCain permitted Nicole "CBS" Wallace and Steve "the loser" Schmidt to disseminate the most heinous and scurrilous invective against a person who had the valor to take on Obama, Biden, the MSM, nut roots and the establishment, in general, while having her family debased in the most perverse fashion imaginable.

Ironically, any mention of Jeremiah Wright, or Barry's legal middle name, or townhall participants rhetoric or hard hitting GOP state ads was denounced immediately and unconditionally by the Senator, as he continued to attempt to curry favor with his MSM "friends".

Ironically, these senior staffers' raison d'etre was to promote Slick Mitt Romney for 2012, whom he purportedly despised and whose campaign I helped defeat here in the Sunshine State!!! (January)

The reality is that if it wasn't for Gov. Palin, McCain would have lost by 25 million votes as opposed to 8 or 9 million. I will always give him credit for picking her, however, she was misused and rolled out in fashion that counteracted the inherent act of her selection.

When she attempted to strike back at her critics, she was muzzled and mocked internally."

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