Monday, November 10, 2008

Reader Input Requested

I'm going to begin my post-election hiatus with a call to action. But what kind of action? Well, I'm hoping to get your input and ideas to be published here for constant reminders and updates until we are through the Obama Hussein presidency. So here goes,

Action Items:
1-Guard where your money goes. No more of my money will go to liberal movies, actors or products, liberal businesses, liberal publishers, etc... If you find you can't live without the newest Barbara Streisand CD despite her politics, then don't buy full price, buy it used from ebay.

2-Cancel all subscriptions to Main Stream Propaganda Media.

3-Arm yourselves in order to practice your right under the 2nd amendment of the Constitution. Take shooting lessons if you can and apply for a conceal carry permit if your state allows. Rights not used can be lost.

4-Donate money to the NRA as they guard the 2nd amendment.

5-Spend your money only where it goes to patriots, local people whom you know or where that information is possible. See my list to the right for patriot businesses and liberal businesses to avoid. I'll update this list were applicable.

6-Donate to your christian church of choice.

7-If you can, pull your children from any liberal college or university and transfer them to a conservative leaning school.

8-Home school your children if possible.

9-Become locally involved in committees, city council meetings, school board meetings, etc. If nothing else to see what is going on and to keep a semblance of accountability. Remember this is where Sarah Palin started...

Any other ideas?


Anonymous said...

Nice list. Especially since it goes...1, 3, 2, 3, so on. Is this yours or Sarah Palin's numbering system? Action Item 1: You and your 6 readers aren't going to dent the sales of any liberal business. Also not all business are black and white conservative vs liberal. Also you may want to try reading or even listening to the dissenting viewpoint, you begin to think more openly. 3: Doesn't this technically qualify as Action Item 1 since all mainstream media is liberal? 2: Nobody is taking away the Second Ammendment except maybe your right to purchase an AK-47. That seems a bit reasonable though. 3 again: 8 year old boy shot 4 people today with a rifle. Just thought I'd point that out. 4-Define "patriots"? Is that only Republican/Conservatives? If so you're delusional...there are both Liberal and Conservative patriots. No your just being a silly broad. 5- I guess all other religions are less important? Seems very intolerant of you don't you think. 6- Yes lets not let our college aged adults decide where they attend college. Would you like to put them back in diapers while we're at it? How about encouraging free and independent thinking? 7- Home schooling while may allow for potentionally a better education it cannot replace the social lessons learned at school. I think this aspect is seriously overlooked by those who choose home-schooling. 8-I think this is a good idea but isn't Sarah Palin the same one that mocked "community orgainizing"? Just asking.

Lady Cincinnatus said...

Anonymous, Nice insults. I hope you feel better. If you haven't noticed, this isn't really the blog for you. Maybe you should check out those sites where they compare tingly sensations up the leg whenever Obama is mentioned.

Anonymous said...

You strike me as a person who could read the dictionary, memorize all the definitions but then not know how to use a single word in a sentence properly. The old saying used to end "... instead ask what you can do for your country", but it seems that you and those like you would like to change it into "...instead what you can do for your party". If for the next 2 years if the remaining Republicans in Congress sandbag for political positioning, then John McCain's "Country First" mantra embraced by the majority of Republicans becomes a complete sham.

Lady Cincinnatus said...

You just can't stop with the insults, can you? Republicans? They lost. They're dead. It's over. You won. Go find your friends, the Obamunists to play with.