Friday, January 23, 2009

An Ode to An Ode to Gitmo

Gitmo in Hollywood:
take them into your home
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed
unarmed and alone

The one you care for
and want no one to harm
He made a horror movie
Is that his hidden charm?

Planning mass murder
and cutting off a head
his thoughts at dinner
and sleeping in your bed

Gitmo on the Hudson:
close enough to see
the sky at Ground Zero
where the Towers used to be

Obama can take Osama
if we catch him in the night
play Hoops on O's team
they can use more height

The first move of Leader
to close Gitmo down
Gitmo in Manhattan
get used to the sound
Alluah Akbar!!!
clean your guest rooms
leave no knives around
Alluah Akbar!!!
we'll bury the pieces found

~Word Drum

1 comment:

Mike aka Proof said...

Ode amn! It's President Obama! Heh.