Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Healthcare Utopia in Britain Guilty of Murder

This is from Britain, but it's coming to the U.S. people. It's already in the "Porkulus" spending bill that's before the Senate. Government managed, run and provided healthcare. The same service you get at the BMV. Take a number.

Be afraid, be very afraid...

"The Wallers said they called the hospital on Nov. 28 but was told Sophie could not be readmitted. Instead they were told to contact a community child psychologist who had been assigned to the case, and the psychologist told them not to worry. Sophie's parents said they talked to their regular family doctor once over the phone, but no medical practitioner ever saw the child.

“No one saw her after she was discharged from hospital. I told [the child psychologist] she was sucking on a watermelon, she told me that was enough for her to survive on," Janet Waller said. 'I asked her to come round and see her but she kept saying there is nothing to worry about and I'll come next week.” "This could have easily been avoided, if we could have just gone to the hospital," Sophie's father said."

Posted From: AOL News

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