Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Best Star Trek Anything, Ever and Probably The Best Movie You'll See This Summer

Star Trek rocked! I'm not even a big fan. Who knew Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy could be so hot and engaging? Which certainly earns Karl Urban a spot on this Celebrating the Heterosexual White Male blog post. As for a review, all I'll say is you don't get slammed over the head with a heavy mallet of action sequences, and your heart rate doesn't get squeezed into attack zone with too much intense intensity. It all fits the story and doesn't take it over...imagine that!! And characters!! How long has it been since I've seen a movie with characters...funny, engaging, quirky characters. I loved it. 4 stars.

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LadyFaye said...

Couldn't agree more about the movie AND Dr. McCoy! From the moment he hits the screen, you sense strength and passion. As far as the new Trek, simply EVERYONE - fan or not - should go.