Thursday, May 21, 2009

"If Bush Had Tried This, Would You Oppose, Support, or Accept This the Same Way"

"During a 90 minute meeting with human rights advocates today, President Barack Obama said that he was considering coming up with some sort of “preventive detention” system which would provide him a legal basis to detain suspects as a threat without having to charge them with any crimes.

The meeting was intended to be “off the record,” but some of the participants left seriously concerned that the president, who only last week resumed the long criticized system of military tribunals for suspects at Guantanamo Bay, was now looking for ways to hold people legally without having to present any evidence of wrong-doing.I find myself wondering a lot lately. How can people discuss an issue while removing left/right bias? The most common idea I have is to ask a perspective provoking question, “If Bush had tried this, would you oppose, support, or accept this the same way?”

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