Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mark Steyn Genius Quote O' The Day

"Diversity" is not a virtue; it's morally neutral: A group of five white upper-middle-class liberal NPR-listening women is non-diverse; a group of four white upper-middle-class liberal NPR-listening women plus Sudan's leading clitorectomy practitioner is more diverse but not necessarily the better for it." ~Mark Steyn


Joe said...

Mr. Steyn always makes good points. Corrupting the purpose of something corrodes the substance of something. It doesn't matter how diverse the Army is, for example, if the Army cannot do its job. Skill, precision, and capability cannot come at the expense of diversity.

The greatness of an institution, or a practical idea -such as conservatism- transcend socially-constructed theories like "diversity", making those theories irrelevant.

The Army has no trouble in attracting a wide array of diverse people -not because it is promoting "diversity", but because of the moral message of its mission, and everything great that it does and what it ultimately stands for: America.

Lady Cincinnatus said...


Mike aka Proof said...

"Diversity" is a lot like multi-culturalism. It turns out that to the diversity crowd, Western Civilization is not considered at least equal to head hunters and jihadists.

Lady Cincinnatus said...

Or more simply, some of us are more equal than others...and some of us are obviously more diverse than others.