Monday, March 22, 2010

Time to Unleash the Ghosts of Sons of Liberty Past

I don't condone any type of violence or destructive activity in any way, however I am all about civil disobedience and figurative messages being sent so here's the plan... The beauty of this plan is that it can build momentum with time if enough people participate.


1-THE POWER OF THE LOUD BOoooooooo!!! Members of Congress have to be seen in public, they have to walk through airports, they have to attend parades and yes, even town hall meetings. They live in rich neighborhoods and are seen out and about. So, show up and just booo. Boooo long and loud. Are you a patriot loving press person? Go ahead and boo them during that live TV broadcast if you dare or tip off your friends to the press event and have them show up and boo. Nothing makes an elected official more uncomfortable than being boo'ed during a live press event. We still have free speech rights...

2-TURN YOUR BACK--Again members of Congress are people who have responsibilities that require them to attend parades, visit constituent town hall meetings and appear during speeches. During that parade, stand up and turn to your back to them. Better yet, is the local Democratic party going to have a float in this year's Memorial Day parade or July 4th event? That's right...line the parade route with people who are all standing with their backs turned. Do you think you recognize Pelosi walking through the halls of Congress or hurrying to her sweet ride...that's right, turn your back. Again, no elected leader wants there to be footage of an entire parade route lined with people standing with their backs to them.

3-FLY YOUR U.S. FLAG OR FLAG STICKER UPSIDE-DOWN. It's the universal signal of distress. Our debt load alone and the loss of our AAA bond rating is enough to cause concern.

4-DON'T BUY LIBERAL-Take what little is left of your income and refuse to spend it on products that go to support liberal businesses, companies, corporation, or organizations. If in doubt go without. We all need to be buying gold anyway.

5-GO GALT-Go Galt if you can. Do you work for a company that demands you take politically correct classes or discriminates against you an any way due to your political views or the fact your a white male? Leave! Leave now! Talk to conservative friends or your church, go into business for yourself. This goes for kids too! Homeschool or enroll them in a private more conservative school. Unless you want mindless Obama-zombies...get them out of public school!


7-DOES YOUR CHILD ATTEND A LIBERAL UNIVERSITY? Stop paying for their education and stop donating to the University. What if every conservative person in the U.S. just stopped paying for large ticket university education. If Nathaniel Green could learn the art of war via books and Abraham Lincoln could learn to read via his bible...then really ask yourself if the tuition is really worth it.

8-DO NOT USE A LAWYER! Most lawyers are corrupt and liberal. Initiate a Congressional Inquiry if the matter relates to a federal agency or state agency. It's free! Or make sure you know the lawyer's political views if you have to pay to be represented.

9-REFUSE TO PURCHASE UNION BACKED PRODUCTS. I know this is a hard one, but what are you a sunshine patriot? Do you want to wake up in Venezuela? We're almost there. If in doubt, go without. Buy only from people you know and trust.

Go ahead and add your own creative, not violent or destructive! Nothing destructive will be posted.


Mike aka Proof said...

Can't go along with #3. I know it's tempting, but it's like crying wolf. Flying the flag upside down denotes an immediate peril. These bozos haven't put us in immediate peril yet.

Rob said...

Great post.