Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What, You Didn't Hear About This On CNN?

You didn't hear about his on CNN or BBC or NPR or from Keith Olberman? Surprised?

No, unfortunately, this didn't happen in the year 711 a.d.

No, it didn't take place in Iraq or the Sudan.

Yep, heart of Europe on April 2nd, 2010.

From CovenantZone:
Hugh Fitzgerald, quoted below, tells us what happened, at the end of his long but worthwhile account of what the New York Times will never talk about....

A deliberately-planned display of Muslim force took place in the cathedral of Cordoba on April 2, in the very middle of Holy Week, the holiest time of the year for Christians. Nearly 120 Muslims from Austria slowly filtered into the cathedral, so as not to attract the attention of guards and, using walkie-talkies, arranged to meet at a certain time, in one of the naves of the cathedral. There a number of them began, in the hush of the Christian services, to turn toward Mecca and prostrate themselves, and to loudly chant in unison. When asked by the security guards to please stop, they refused, and began to threaten the guards who, in turn, had to call for reinforcements from the Spanish police. When the Spanish police arrived, thus further disrupting the holy hush of ancient sacrifice, and the spiritual tranquility of the Christian worshippers, they found the Muslims unwilling to stop. At least one pulled out a knife, and at least two of the Spanish guards, one policeman and one from the cathedral detail, were wounded sufficiently to go to the hospital.

And there's more encouraging news from Pajamas Media:

On April 8th, Tariq Ramadan and his traveling circus drew a crowd of 600 at the Great Hall at Cooper Union.

To their everlasting shame, the ACLU, PEN American Center, and the American Association of University Professors sponsored him; the crowd mainly came to pay homage to Ramadan, the biological grandson and intellectual heir to the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood — a group that has fully infiltrated America and at the highest levels, a group fully committed to the goals of political Islam.

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