Sunday, June 27, 2010

Congratulations, Lady C !

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Political Blog Ranking
278 Overall Ranking: 278

I doubt that the dear Lady will toot her own horn, so allow me to do it for her. I noticed her ranking at Beltway Blips has hit 278. Rated as one of the top 300 political blogs in the US? Not too shabby!

Those ratings change day to day and week by week, but the movement has all been all positive for Lady C. "C" as in Cream rises to the top! Join me in congratulating her for creating and maintaining an excellent blog (even though she lets the riff-raff in every now and then!) Heh.

Congratulations, Lady C !

1 comment:

Lady Cincinnatus said...

Thanks Proof and everyone who reads my humble political musings. :)