Saturday, July 31, 2010

Introducing the Re -Volt!

by Proof

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Don't blame me! It was all Smitty's idea!

(My original headline was going to be: "The Peasants are Revolting", but it's been done!)

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(Lady C may never leave me the keys to the place again!) Heh.


Kristin said...

I heard it gets 40 miles to the charge!!! Sign me up, I could make it to the grocery store and halfway back!!!

Randy-g said...

You get locked out? Doubtful,would have happened by now eh?

Mike aka Proof said...

Kristin: That's if you don't play the radio!

Randy: I'm thinking maybe she doesn't know I'm here yet? I'm trying to keep a low profile!

The All Real Numbers Symbol said...

No way dude. After this she totally has to leave you the keys again. ^^

I love this new re-volt.