Monday, August 30, 2010

Andrew Roman Smacks Down The New York Times And Vapid Liberalism

by Proof

Blogger Andrew Roman, on hiatus from the blog "Roman Around", is a "news junkie". Some of us here can identify with that! In the aftermath of 9/11, Andrew put together a video montage of news coverage of the tragedy at the Twin Towers as it was happening - live, on air accounts of the second plane hitting the WTC, as naturally, not many people had their VCRs running before the first plane hit! Of all the documentaries he had seen on 9/11, none was a comprehensive look at the news media as they reacted. He put together the following video montage that he posted on You Tube:

But, that's not where it gets interesting. Some pointy headed liberal (but I repeat myself!) named Heffernan, got quoted in the New York Times, implying that Andrew's documentary, which was not made for profit, was a rhetorical slight of hand, somehow. As if you shouldn't "believe your own lying eyes" when you watch the video. IMHO, the only thing dishonest about the video is Ms. Heffernan's characterization of it.
It is a lot of fun to watch Andrew dissect the vapidity of faux intellectualism in the face of evil.

Andrew's defense is at The New York Times And Me - The 9/11 Attacks And "Rhetoric".
I hope you'll read it. It's well thought out and well written, if a bit long, but that's only because it is comprehensive.
I highly recommend this to you. Particularly as the anniversary of this attack approaches.

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