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Casualties in Aghanistan Under Obama Exceed Those Under Eight Years of Bush

by Proof

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As was pointed out a little over a month ago (Staff Sgt.Brian Piercy Laid to Rest),July set a record for the most US casualties in Afghanistan in a single month, breaking the previous record that was set the month before in June, yet the MSM was for the most part conspicuous in their silence on the matter.

What a difference two years makes! A couple of years ago, every casualty in Iraq was front page news. Tallies of casualties could be seen on the front pages of newspapers, commentators would slowly recite the names of the fallen, even Doonesbury would print a list in the Sunday comics. It was Bush's war then, and people needed to see just how heartless he was wasting the precious lives of our service men and women over there!

Where is Code Pink? Where are the Cindy Sheehans of the Left? Why is no one camped out on the road to Martha's Vineyard, or his Hawaiian vacation villa, or the many golf courses he frequents? Is it that there are just too many of them? Or was it never really about the deaths of soldiers for the Left? Was it all just a crass excuse to try to gain and retain political power for themselves and their cronies by playing on our sympathies?

And now, that there have been more casualties in the last twenty months than were seen in eight years of George W. Bush, one would think that the same players, if their protests were genuine and sincere, would be every bit as vociferous against the current president as they were against the last president, wouldn't you?

As I stated in the post "Obama Has His Own Halliburton":

It was always my contention that nearly every criticism of Bush during the Iraqi war could have been leveled at Clinton in the Balkans but wasn't. Expect the same deafening silence from those who did not criticize Halliburton under Clinton, criticized it under Bush and will fall silent once again for this Democrat President under the sheer weight of their own hypocrisy!

I haven't heard a snarky reference to Halliburton and Bush in...nearly minutes!
War involves casualties. Each and every loss of American service men or innocent civilians is a tragedy in its own right. But, in the interest of honesty, isn't this hypocrisy writ large when the so called "anti-war" movement is absent under Clinton, vociferous under Bush and silent again under Obama?

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