Monday, September 20, 2010

The Dissident Frogman IS BACK!!! And So Am I.

Sorry for the week long MIA hiatus and big thanks to Mr. Proof Positive for his steadfast blogging and for holding down the Lady Cincinnatus fort while I was away. I'll give you a hint of my doings. Think 10th amendment, think federalism, think state's rights and think nullification. And I leave you with the quote o' the day from my second favorite blog man and first favorite of French heritage - Mr. Dissident Frogman.

"Thus, anyone who reduces — and excuses — modern Islamic terrorism as the result of unheard yet legitimate grievances following the reestablishment of the State of Israel, the foreign policy of the USA or even the unpredictably variable length of Western womenfolk's skirts, is primarily showing his ignorance of both English language and History."


Mike aka Proof said...

Nice having you back! And it's a good thing to see the Frogman back in the saddle as well!

Silverfiddle said...

Awesome news!

We need The Dissident Frogman's unique perspective now more than ever. I hope he keeps going this time. I stumbled across him back in 2003.

Oh, glad you're back too!

Lady Cincinnatus said...

Thanks Proof and Silverfiddle!