Friday, November 5, 2010

An Open Letter to John Boehner

By Proof

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Congressman Boehner: Congratulations! A lot of hard work has gone into giving Republicans a majority in the House of Representatives. And while you have stated that the President sets the agenda in Washington, you are in a unique position to set the tone.
I would start with a number of gestures that are not solely symbolic. I would either call a press conference or sit down for an interview and set out a few objectives. First, I would announce that my intention would be to meet with the House Security Chief and ask for a smaller plane than Ms. Pelosi used, and that your intent was to use it less frequently.
Second, I would announce plans to reduce the number of junkets taken by Republican members of the House. If possible, I would announce this while President Obama and his entourage are still in India.

Good government leads by example. Obama gave lip service to sacrifice and then wastes millions. Arrogance and haughtiness have been the hallmarks of the last two years. A little humility and frugality will go a long way.

Lead by example. Don't compromise your principles. Remember that you are more beholden to the Constitution and the American people than you are to the party.
Do this and in 2012, we'll send you some more help to do it.

Good luck!

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Silverfiddle said...

Every new republican should read Jim DeMint's letter cautioning them that the system (including lobbyists like Trent Lott) will try to co-opt them.

These people will be walking a thin line...

Mike aka Proof said...

They need to be a little leery of staffer "assigned" to them, too.

Kid said...

May I add, that we don't want any republicans reaching across the aisle.

We've had two years, some would argue 4, of liberal dictatorship.

You folks need to turn back more than just Health Care. You need to be dictators on the side of a constitutional republic and and get this 15 trillion dollar freighter turned back toward shore, or it's over the next time the communists get control.

Yes, most of it won't happen until obama's veto pen is out of the way.

Thanks for listening if ya did.