Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Freudian Projection

There seems to be so many examples of the left participating in "Freudian projection" - that is possessing a hidden trait in oneself that one sees in others - that it makes me think that Savage is right when he states that liberalism is a mental disorder. Take for instance this little nugget of information that my friends at the Bluegrass Institute unearthed. Makes one almost draw the conclusion that our government monopolized public school system and cultural propaganda is churning out kids too stupid to join the Army. Yet liberals scream and cry about the military being the only option for poor dumb kids. No. It seems that public schools would be the only option for poor dumb kids.
"The Associated Press says a new study from the Education Trust shows that nearly one in four who tries to join the US Army lack the minimum academic skills required for enlistment.

That already sounds pretty bad, but it looks a lot more serious when you learn that the Army says only about one in four individuals aged 17 to 24 are even qualified to take the service’s test battery. The rest are either physically unfit, a high school dropout, or have a criminal record."

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Silverfiddle said...

Hmmm... I like the theory. Liberals are purposely making us fat and stupid so we can't fight...

A cursory glance at the state of our education system and the war on poverty should persuade any thinking person that more government is not the answer.