Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Question O' The Day

If I am to believe the left and the liberal media and Egypt is now such a bastion of liberty and freedom and America is still a horrible capitalist mecca then why wouldn't Ms. Lara Logan go to the nearest Egyptian hospital after being attacked? Why is it that she "...returned to the United States on the first flight the next morning."


Kid said...

I zeroed in on this one too. Do you think any of these idiots will get a clue the kind of vermin they are dealing with and supporting?

I doubt it.

But not to confuse, I certainly don't support propping up dictators either. I'm just asking how an attractive white female somehow thinks she can mingle with the vermin and remain unscathed. And this is after most or all? of the other reporters were beaten.

And this could have happened to her in any of thousands of places in the ME, for no particular reason other than you're dealing with vermin who can't be trusted to look at a woman's ankle without gang raping her and blaming it on her.

Maybe Katie Couric should go over and talk to them. She want's America to get closer to the Muslims so hey, you first Katie. And no I wouldn't wish it on anyone, but damn can we stop believing this is some beautiful kindergarten diversity experiment?

Add Nana Pelosi who actually makes one (well more than one) of the most inane statements I've ever heard "Republicans are against women and children." This from the ignorant bitch who has yet to vote against late term abortion and who went to kiss the Muslims asses a few years ago.

All these idiots should go and bring back pictures of the "beautiful religion of peace" in action to share with 'the class'.

How much ignorance will people put up with?

Jumpin Catfish..

Mike aka Proof said...

Because nothing beats the good old U S of A!