Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Official 2012 GOP Presidential Slogan. And I won't even charge a consulting fee.

Okay, I've come up with the best GOP campaign slogan ever. Maybe. Okay, here it is... Pull over if you're driving. OBAMA CRIED (AGAINST BUSINESS) AND HOSTESS TWINKIES DIED. Forget jobs or a sound deep fried Twinkies??? Come on people, what's it going to take?


Anonymous said...

That is a good one!

The best I can come up with is Obama: Redefining the word transparency until it means the opacity to block gamma rays.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry for posting two times in a row, but I did not originally notice the link. Hostess? Wow. If even food companies are suffering, then it is much worse than even the pessimists think.

How is it the reporters can lie to the American people with a clear conscience. Even Fox News is chanting the propaganda that the unemployment rate has gone down, not considering that at best it is the result of part-time Christmas jobs and at worst, if that at all.

The real unemployment rate is 16%, which is not far from the 20% unemployment rate of 1980s era Poland.

Mike aka Proof said...

Well, it's a chapter 11 reorganization, so maybe the Obama economy merely wounded them rather than killing them off completely?

Lady Cincinnatus said...

Proof, Good point but I couldn't come up with a good enough slogan using "Hostess Twinkies on life support" or "Hostess Twinkies filing chapter 11 restructuring" :))