Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Save the UK blogger from Islamic Sharia creep Alert!

Ok, I'm not sure how we can save him, except to DONATE MONEY IF YOU CAN since he's already been ARRESTED!!!! I'm sure a donation can be used for any legal fees and/or immigrating to the U.S. where we at least still have the right to free speech. I'm highlighting his blog here over in the Blogger Friends Worth Reading section.
If this happens to our Dissident Frogman, I'm going to be pissed.
Oh, and btw, note to idiot UK police, Islam is not a RACE. No human is born with the ever elusive ISLAM GENE. It's a religious death cult that worships a medieval tyrant and if you leave the cult, you will be slaughtered.


Mike aka Proof said...

Little Green Footballs has been following this for some time. Here's a post from last January:

(To keep this comment from blowing out the side of your comment page, I had to put a return in the middle. But if you cut and paste it, I think the link will work!)

Lady Cincinnatus said...

Proof, Thanks for the heads-up. I took a look at LGF and noticed he said something about LionHeart being a memeber of the British Nationalist Party. I have no idea what that entails, but hey, anywhere freedom of speech is infringed with an arrest, it is scary. At least we have the constitution. I'm quoting this from LGF, but it is true...

The First Amendment protects free speech.

The Second Amendment protects the speaker.

Mike aka Proof said...

Yeah. I don't know if this guy Lionheart is really a good guy or not, but even boneheads ought to have freedom of speech in a free society.