Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Be afraid...be very afraid...part VII

It's primary day here in Kentucky and I could write about Marxist Light candidate B. Hussein Obama but I read a blog that is much scarier. It's all fun and games until they find a way to tax the air you breath and water you drink.

Placing polar bears on the endangered species list sounds innocent enough. We all like polar bears, especially the cute Coke commercial kind and not the real life human eating kind. But it's not all about the cute and cuddly polar bear.

AP reports that Interior Department is declaring the polar bear as a threatened species. "The Interior Department has decided to protect the polar bear as a threatened species because of the decline in Arctic sea ice from global warming, officials said Wednesday."

Frightening because once the "natural habitat" of the polar bear is deemed "threatened" then global entities and other government bureaucracies can step in and regulate it. Guess what the polar bear's natural habitat is? Ice a.k.a. water. It's all going to be a slippery slope and various forms of government and global interference with the water supply. They can tax it, ration it and even redistribute it. I doubt it will flow freely, that's for sure.

More scary verbiage...

"This is the first time that the Endangered Species Act has been used to protect a species threatened by the impacts of global warming. "

They forgot to mention that GLOBAL WARMING IS A BIG SCAM!!!

Hat Tip to The Chilling Effect

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