Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bet you didn't hear this from the main stream media

Over at Pat Dollard's site, you find the interesting fact that Wes Clark's qualifications for POTUS did not include being shot down over enemy territory, surviving internment, torture and choosing to stick it out with his equally suffering men, rather than be returned home while the enemy used the release for political propaganda.

No, Wes Clark was busy invading WACO. Also known as the Mount Carmel Massacre. You didn't hear this on ABC, NBC, CBS or the New York Times? I'm shocked.
Oct 27, 2003 - (BNET)Clark
Tanks Rolled Into Mount Carmel
; The Democratic presidential candidate and now-retired four-star general commanded the soldiers and military hardware in the disastrous federal assault against the Branch Davidians - a violation of Posse Comitatus Act Byline: Kelly Patricia O’Meara, INSIGHT
Hat tip to Pat Dollard
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Mike aka Proof said...

No. I had no idea that Wesley Clark's inept hands were on that debacle, but it doesn't surprise me very much!

I just got through posting a book review of a "score-settling and ass-covering" book" Clark wrote about seven years ago. The reviewer was as brutal on Clark as he was the book!