Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wesley Clark's POTUS qualifications include WACO & Kosovo

My favorite blogger Proof brought this to my attention with his post
Wesley Clark: Showboating Egotist or Devious Political Operator?

We all know just what a military success WACO was, so let's just take a look at Kosovo's recent history. I'll let you, the reader, guess which religion is being intolerant. And it's funny how Kosovo Albanian terrorists are never referred to by their religious affiliation. Yeah, you guessed it. Muslim.
Ruins of the Holy Virgin Mary Church (down left) from 1315, built by the Serbian duke Jovan Dragoslav. The church was looted and completely destroyed by explosives in June 1999 although German KFOR troops have already been deployed in the area. From June 1999 until March 17 2004, 112 Serbian Orthodox churches (many of them from the medieval time were destroyed by Kosovo Albanian terrorists. Another 35 churches have been either completely destroyed or seriously damaged by K-Albanian mob between March 17-19. The total score shows that Albanians have destroyed more medieval Christian churches in modern Europe than any other nation in the world which clearly proves that behind the ethnic hatred lies also the innate religious intolerance and attempt to uproot Christian culture in Kosovo forever.

Quote from Kosovo Land of the Living Past

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