Thursday, October 2, 2008

Further Into the Pit of Socialism~Stealing Ohio

You were warned. Proof had evidence. The Ohio Republican Party has made many mistakes, Former Governor Taft being one, but they are asking for help and this time I think they really do need it.

Stealing Ohio

John Fund at the Wall Street Journal says "we might have a compromised election because of this."Lou Dobbs at CNN says it could lead to "massive election fraud."John Gibson at Fox News says, "To the great people of the State of Ohio: Heads up, Somebody's trying to steal your election!"

What's going on?The liberal courts just approved same-day registration in Ohio, and Democrats are planning to turn out thousands of new voters without any time to validate those registrations. The integrity of this election is at risk, and now Democrat Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner is even denying observers access to these early voting locations!We cannot let them steal this election. Help us fight back. Please contribute $25, $50 or $100 to our Legal Defense Fund so we can prevent fraud at the ballot box. I'm also asking you to call Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner at (614) 466-2655 or (877) 767-6446 and demand that she open up the voting process to transparency and accountability by allowing observers.We must FIGHT these efforts to destroy the integrity of our elections process! Please make a secure, online contribution of $25, $50 or even $100 today, and don't let them STEAL OHIO! Remember, as Ohio goes, so goes the nation.

Kevin DeWine

Deputy Chairman** Watch John Fund, Lou Dobbs and John Gibson discuss the efforts to Steal Ohio's election at OhioGOPtv. **

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