Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ali Obama and the 535 Thieves

by Proof

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Hope and Change, Obama style!

Subtitle: Obama's new space program enters the seventh century!

Inspired by Michelle Malkin

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Lady Cincinnatus said...

Nice photo shop! It makes me wonder if the invention of magic flying carpets, like global warming, will be officially endorsed by NASA scientists.

Mike aka Proof said...

It's the only technology left to the them (Left with a capital "L") after NASA embarks on phony global warmism and touchy feely Muslim relations!

I'm old enough to remember when NASA's mission was to get us into space!

Lady Cincinnatus said...

Space? Isn't that an old-fashion word that doesn't have any meaning anymore kind-of like "In the year of our Lord" and the entire U.S. Constitution....

Mike aka Proof said...

Now you're just bumming me out!